We are sorry to report that Fiona Adams passed away in her island home of Guernsey, UK in June 2020.

Her remarkable work lives on through the images that have passed into legend and are partially represented here on this website.
As a photographer, Adams insisted that her work be seen, so this website will continue to offer prints of her work from digital
files approved by the artist before her death.

So, in the true spirit of Fiona Adams, enter her world of 1960s celebrity!

January 2023, RIP the magnificent Jeff Beck, photographed by Fiona in Hyde Park, around 1965.
She was scheduled to photograph The Yardbirds, but "as usual" the rest of the band never turned up so she photographed the guitarist solo.

How extraordinary to look back now and see her photographs of both Jimi Hendrix and Jeff Beck in such unusual settings, two of the finest guitarists we have ever seen.

August 2021, RIP Charlie Watts, photographed by Fiona in 1965.

Bob Dylan by Fiona Adams 1966 June 2021 News:
Thanks to the efforts of photographer Martyn Goddard
some of Fiona's original negatives have recently been
The 20 strips of Tri-X Pan black and white negatives are
from Bob Dylan's infamous London press cenference and not
only contain images of Dylan 'in conference' but also have
some amazing relaxed images, totally Fiona's style,
taken during the time she was assigned to cover
Dylan's 1966 UK visit.

We now are proud to unveil some of these images here, not as yet available from the artist's prints, but please get in touch if you would like to purchase prints.