The estate of Fiona Adams Photographer is proud to present a new range of signed prints of some of her chosen photographs as below. Each print is made from files approved by Fiona Adams and (while available) have an authenticity sticker signed by Fiona Adams affixed to the mount board. The prints are made on lustre photographic paper, supplied mounted on 12x10" card with the print sized internally with a white border indicated by the thumbnails below. Fiona's facsimile signature is placed on the border.

The prints are available to purchase using PayPal at a price of £140 each, but, ahead of a site rebuild, Fiona's remarkable jump shot has been amended to the posthumous format of a facsimile signed print with the option to have a limited number original Adams signature sticker affixed to the back of the mount. John de Garis, fellow photographer and long time friend of Adams represents the estate for print and image sales.

  The Beatles 1

This picture I took on what was then a bomb site. It was at the crossroads of Euston Road and Gower Street, London. I had chosen the location ahead of time for its variety of possibilities. It was taken in April 1963 for Boyfriend magazine, but was subsequently chosen by John Lennon and Tony Barrow for the cover of The Beatles ‘Twist and Shout’ EP - shortly to be released.

Prints are available on archival fibre paper or lustre finish on mountboard, with the option of a limited number authenticity sticker signed by the artist before her passing.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Bob Dylan 01

Photographed during the Mayfair Hotel Press Conference, London, May 3rd, 1966. The Press Conference was not going well, and this is the "fed up" photo taken near the end.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Bob Dylan 02

  Bob Dylan at the Mayfair Hotel, London, May 3rd, 1966. After some awkward questions by the press, Dylan stands up, and here, pauses, ready to climb out the window. He did just that, and stayed outside the window for some minutes, to cool off.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Bob Dylan 03

Mayfair Hotel, London, May, 3rd, 1966. The Press had just asked the question "Was he married?". He decline to answer, and instead retaliated by asking the middle aged female journalist if she was.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Bob Dylan 04

Mayfair Hotel, London, May, 3rd, 1966. The Press Conference was quite uncomfortable. We were all being filmed by an American crew that I assumed was filming Dylan's U.K. tour. I was glad that I was the photographer, and could work unnoticed scooting around on my knees under the table. These resulting four pictures were my four favourites of the shoot.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  David Bowie and Jeanette

Taken in Kingly Street, London W1 in 1965. Unfortunately, this is the only picture I ever made with Bowie, taken incidentally. This was a fashion shoot which I took for Fabulous Magazine. Jeanette (Jan de Souza) and David arrived. She looked great in this Correges type silver dress, hat and boots. Why they had musical instruments I don’t know. I had earlier spotted this wagon wheel leaning up against the wall of a bric-a-brac shop. This sort of thing was always useful to make a shot more interesting. I began the shoot, and then thought David, I assumed the boyfriend, looked pretty cool, and asked if he would pose as well. Thank goodness I did.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Dusty Springfield

This was in dress rehearsal, at the Palladium for Fabulous Magazine around 1965. In ‘63 I had photographed her for Boyfriend Magazine. A studio session, not a happy or satisfying shoot. She would only be photographed from one angle, very frustrating for the photographer. Far better to photograph her in action as here. I still love hearing all those wonderful songs she sang with that amazing delivery.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Engelbert Humperdink

Fab 208’s rooftop studio in Farringdon Street. London WC1. Taken around 1966. He had a hit that year, after his name change, hence the photo session. This picture was taken between shirt changes, it was not used in Fab, probably too risqué at that time for our teenage readership. In order for the neck to appear less bare decided to drape my purple silk scarf around it. The rooftop studio was an embarrassment. It was a portacabin stuck on a flat roof reached by an iron fire escape. I only used it .when the weather was bad or short of time, but a lot of well know people where photographed up there including Twiggy and Tom Jones to mention a couple.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Engelbert Humperdink 2

Taken in the Fab 208 offices where he had a stab at editing the magazine. Around 1966. This time in a beautiful frilly fronted white shirt. He was really easy to photograph.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Frank Ifield

This was taken in the Boyfriend magazine studio, No 21 Kingly Street WI. March 1963. When he came in for the sitting I didn’t really know who he was. I had been out in Australia for nearly three years, and this was a shoot during my first week working for Boyfriend. I confessed my ignorance, he was very charming and we talked about Australia which got me out of some difficulty. It was only later I knew what a big star he was.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Gerry and the Pacemakers

My first photo shoot with Gerry and the Pacemakers for Boyfriend Magazine in early 1963. They were fun and game for anything. Spotting this slide in a children’s playground we decided to use the facility. I think they enjoyed it, and it helped them stop shivering on a cold London day.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Jeff Beck

It was difficult to organise all the Yardbirds in one place at the same time. The day of the shoot we were all supposed to meet at Hyde Park corner. If my memory serves me well, I seem to remember I did the shoot with the other Yardbird members, and almost at the end Jeff turns up, by which time the others were running out of time, and had to leave for other pressing appointments. So I had Jeff to myself for a few minutes in that beautiful velvet coat. As it was springtime and there was lots of blossom about, why not use it?

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Jimi Hendrix Experience 1

It was April 1967. June Southworth and I were on assignment covering a tour for Fab 208. This involved riding on the tour bus with Jimi, Mitch and Noel. Jimi came to sit with us, and it was great having the opportunity to chat with him for a couple of hours. We felt we were getting to know him a little more intimately, and to detect aspects of his character not usually displayed on stage. I glimpsed an intelligent and surprisingly gentle, almost meditative side to his nature. This is what I think I have captured here.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Jimi Hendrix Experience 2

Here is Jimi on stage in Lincoln. April 1967.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Jimi Hendrix experience 3

Dressing room shot taken before going on stage in Lincoln. April 1967. They seemed very relaxed and cracked jokes. I had often met Mitch when he was with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames, and always found him a really nice and easy guy to get along with. As was Noel, although I had not come across him so often.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Jimi Hendrix Experience 4

Lincoln Theatre dressing room, April 1967. Jimi lighting up before the show.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  Jimi Hendrix experience 5

Lincoln Theatre, backstage,1967. Mitch looking at a gift from a fan.

With facsimile signature, 25x18cms image (approx)
  John Leyton

Very early days for me working for Boyfriend magazine. Somewhere around spring 1963 I was sent to EMI headquarters. There I met John and had a very good photo session I felt. He was easy and attractive to photograph. I was pleased to find this staircase and it was the opportunity to create something a little different for that time. To take this shot I’m pretty sure I was standing on the balcony where the Beatles stood for the record cover shot the other way around by Angus McBean.

  Juliet Greco

London 1966. I photographed Juliette Greco for Fab.208 at a reception given for her at a London Hotel near Marble Arch. It was a beautiful day and we climbed out onto a rooftop and looked out over the trees tops. She had such a lovely very ‘French’ face. She was to appear at the London Palladium at a Royal Variety Performance.

  Marc Bolan

I had several photo shoots with Marc. Always delightful, always great to photograph. Taken for private publicity use out and about in London, 1966.

  Marc Bolan

Marc called me one day at the Fab 208 office and told me he had just acquired a kitten. Would I like to come and see it? I arrived at the flat he shared with his publicist, and there was this dear little soot black kitten dashing about. The only way to photograph him was to capture him and hold him tight.Here is the result. London 1966.

  Marc Bolan

Good backgrounds sometimes appeared whilst wandering the London streets. This wall with the shaft of sunlight was perfect, and Marc completes the picture. Out and about in London 1966

  Nico 1

This was a fashion shoot with Nico for Fab.208 in a Mary Quant look-a-like dress. I had been into the Pine Shop in Carnaby Street and thought it would be great for backgrounds. Nico appeared with Ben Carruthers as her male counterpart. He had a selection of flowery and patterned shirts to wear with long rounded collars. They looked great together and the rocking horse completes the picture. The results were printed in Fab. in 1966.

  Nico 2

Nico came to the Fab 208 Farringdon Street offices for this shoot. She had just had a record released. The sand coloured corduroy suit and tan cowboy boots looked wonderful on her. My studio was a porta cabin on the roof of the building, and I used the awful metal fire escape staircase for this angle. The staircase had its uses. London 1966.

  Nico 3

Again on the Fab.208 Farringdon Street office fire escape. This close-up of Nico shows her beautiful bone structure. Fleet Street roof tops behind. London 1966.

  The Pretty Things

Taken on Brighton Pier, England around 1966. I had a shock when I first saw the Pretty Things. It was a rear view of them walking down a corridor in the Fab 208 offices. It was the hair, the longest I had seen on a group to date. They looked so interesting, were so very nice, and terrific to photograph. I photographed them quite a few times over a couple of years. This Brighton trip was interesting. After we had completed the shoot on the pier we went into the lanes in Brighton to find something to eat. It was a cold day and about 6.00pm. They were playing in Brighton that night, so we needed to eat early. An Indian restaurant was just opening, but they made some excuse not to let us in. It was the hair. I said ‘you stay around the corner, and I’ll ask if this other restaurant is open.’ It was, I booked for six. When we appeared the poor old waiter nearly died. He was really frightened. His hands were really shacking when he brought the coffee cups. I’m sorry the pic.lacks one of the group.

  Rolling Stones 1

Rolling Stones

Early days around 1964, I think. Shot for Boyfriend in the Marble Arch underground car park. I knew them reasonably well. They came once to the Boyfriend studio in Kingly Street to warm up on one freezing day. I had a gas fire and coffee. They had been to the tailor in Carnaby Street to be measured for suits.

  Rolling Stones 2

Early days around 1964 I think. Shoot for Boyfriend in the Marble Arch underground car park.

  Rolling Stones 3

Charlie Watts before a concert. Long forgotten venue,era 1965.

  Sammy Davis Jr 1

This was taken at a general ‘press-call’ at a London hotel while he was being interviewed. Probably around 1966.

  Sammy Davis Jr 2

Press-call in a London hotel during interview. Around 1966.

  Sammy Davis Jr 3

A ‘Press-call’ shot at a hotel just after his arrival in London around 1966.

  The Beatles 2

The Beatles tour of Germany in 1966. I was lucky to be sent by Fab.208 magazine to cover the tour for a couple of days. This shot of Paul was taken on the train after leaving Munich. It was great for the ‘press’. We had them captured for a few hours! Note Tony Barrow their publicist in the background.

  The Beatles 3

The Beatles tour of Germany in 1966. Close-up of Paul in the train after leaving Munich during a Press interview.

  The Beatles 4

The Beatles tour of Germany in 1966. Close-up of Ringo in the German train after leaving Munich.

  The Beatles 5

George combing his hair before facing fans and ‘Press’ in Munich. German tour 1966.

  The Beatles 6

Assignment for Boyfriend Magazine in1963. Maureen O’Grady of Boyfriend and I travelled to Bournemouth where the Beatles were staying in an hotel, the name of which escapes me. This photo was taken of John in the hotel lounge

  The Beatles 7

Paul taken in a Bournemouth hotel lounge in 1963. I believe they were staying there for several days while playing at a local venue.

  The Beatles 8

This shot was taken of Ringo in action when he was playing in Munich in 1966 on their German tour. I was assigned by Fab.208 magazine to cover the tour for three days.

  The Beatles 9

John taking refreshment before the ‘Press Conference’ on their German tour in 1966,Munich.

  The Beatles 10

Bournemouth 1963. Assignment for Boyfriend Magazine. From somewhere this bowler hat appeared, and Paul started fooling about with it.

  The Beatles 11

Brian Epstein just before the Beatles press call. German chap on the left, unknown to me. German Tour, Munich 1966.

  The Beatles 12

Ringo in relaxed mood waiting for the curtains to open. German tour, Munich 1966.

  The Beatles 13

Ringo pulling on his boots in the dressing room of the hotel, Munich. Beatles tour of Germany 1966.

  The Beatles 14

John has just helped himself from a ‘fridge stocked with good German beer. Tour of Germany. Munich 1966.

  The Beatles 15

BBC Paris Studio, London.
Date July 17th 1964. George happy and relaxed during a break.

  The Beatles 16

BBC Paris Studio, London.
Date July 17th 1964. Paul McCartney in rehearsal.

  The Beatles 17

BBC Paris Studio, London.
Date July 17th 1964.
John Lennon in very relaxed mood at a recording session practice.

  The Beatles 18

Beatles Tour of Germany in 1966. Ringo at the end of a good meal at their hotel in Munich, before getting ready for their departure to play at the stadium.


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